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    Gifts for the Beer Lover In Your Life

    Last updated 1 day 23 hours ago

    If you know someone special who always opts for beer instead of wine to accompany dinner, you might offer a holiday surprise with a beer-themed gift fit for any cerevisaphile. Leibman’s can provide just the gift you are looking for with our signature gift baskets and an assortment of fine foods that pair perfectly with any brew.

    Our Six-Pack Gift Basket is an all-in-one gift that includes a six-pack of Heineken, hickory smoked summer sausage, mixed nuts, Elki Savory Crackers, and our homemade cheese straws. You might also put together your own creative gift from our extensive selection of gourmet snacks and craft beers.

    To get started on your holiday gift shopping early this year with Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods, visit our website for a look at all of our specialty gift baskets. You can also contact us by calling (281) 940-1649 to place your early holiday orders. Don’t forget to ask about our delectable catered items, which can provide a little something special to your holiday meals. 

    4 Sweet Health Benefits of Chocolate

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Chocolate is widely known as one of the most sinfully decadent foods, but it can actually be good for you when you eat antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. In addition to a higher dose of antioxidants, dark chocolate has less milk and sugar, making it an ideal snack to satiate a sweet tooth. The health benefits of chocolate are becoming more recognized, and diets like the Mediterranean Diet actually encourage people to eat dark chocolate as much as they please. Here is a closer look at the potential payoff of eating chocolate treats more often.

    Lower heart disease risk
    The flavonoids, or antioxidant compounds, found in chocolate help to increase the flexibility of blood vessels, making them less prone to blockages that could lead to heart attack or stroke. Cocoa also has blood thinning qualities that further reduce the risk for heart disease and related issues.

    Cancer prevention
    The same antioxidants in chocolate that protect your heart may also reduce your risk for certain types of cancer. Antioxidants help the body fight free radicals, which cause cell damage linked to the formation of cancerous tumors. Skin cancer may be warded off by regular chocolate consumption, because chocolate helps to protect the skin from UV damage associated with melanomas.

    Appetite suppression
    If you are trying to lose weight, do not cut the chocolate out of your diet. Chocolate can help to keep you full and curb your cravings for less wholesome snacks, so it is definitely worth keeping in your redesigned candy drawer.

    Reduced diabetes risk
    The regular consumption of chocolate can reduce insulin resistance, which is an early indicator of adult onset diabetes.

    To taste some of the finest artisan chocolates and truffles, visit Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods in Houston. We offer an excellent selection of gourmet candies and chocolates along with an extensive assortment of wines, specialty groceries, and gifts to fit any budget. 

    An Inside Look at the History and Uses of Balsamic Vinegar

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Balsamic is one of dozens of varieties of vinegar used in everyday cooking, but there may be a lot that you do not know about this distinctive and delicious elixir. Before you buy your next bottle of balsamic vinegar, you might consider its origins and versatile culinary applications so that you make the best investment in this artisan ingredient.

    What is balsamic vinegar?
    All balsamic vinegar is made from the unfermented sweet juice of Trebbiano grapes. As the vinegar ages, it develops like a fine wine to a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. The highest quality aged balsamic vinegars can actually be sipped on their own, offering complex flavors of dried fruits, wood, or honey

    Where does balsamic come from?
    Balsamic vinegar has a long history in Italian culinary tradition, and it was made for thousands of years for a variety of applications. In its early days in the Middle Ages, balsamic vinegar was produced as a miracle cure elixir and disinfectant, but it eventually became a treasured ingredient in a number of traditional Italian dishes. Popularity of balsamic vinegar did not rise in America until fairly recently, however, as it only became widely available in grocery stores in the late 1970s.

    How is balsamic used?
    Plain balsamic vinegar can be used to enhance the sweetness of seasonal grilled fruit or to offer a tart kick to any salad dressing or marinade. Flavored varieties of balsamic only expand its culinary uses, which are already vast. Balsamic can be reduced in a saucepan over low heat to make a tasty syrup for ice cream or baked goods, or it can be emulsified with oil to dress any fresh vegetables along with a touch of salt and pepper.

    For an extraordinary selection of fine balsamic vinegars, imported olive oils, and other specialty gourmet items, visit Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods in Houston. You can find the perfect items for your own kitchen or to give to the chef or wine lover in your life. To contact us, visit our website or call us directly at (281) 940-1649. 

    How to Use Your Balsamic Vinegar from Leibman's

    Last updated 23 days ago

    If you have just picked up a bottle of artisanal balsamic vinegar from Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods, you may be excited to use it in a variety of marinades to flavor your favorite foods. In this video, you can see a simple balsamic vinegar marinade that will delight your taste buds on chicken, beef, or pork.

    The recipe starts with extra virgin olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, and garlic. The mixture is whisked together to emulsify the oil and acidic vinegar, which is then poured over chicken to rest for one hour.

    To explore the entire inventory of specialty oils and balsamic vinegar at Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods, visit our Houston store and deli today. You can also connect with us on our website or at (281) 940-1649. 

    Join us for Leibman's Tea Party

    Last updated 1 month ago

    We will be offering a special tea menu on Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28 from 10am - 3 pm. 

    Menu includes tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, petite dessert bites and of course tea for only $8.95.

    Please RSVP to 281-493-3663.

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