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Leibman's Deli Houston Review

Last updated 3 months ago

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The best brownie* in Houston is only \$1.60 (not including tax).  Okay.  Not the best, but my mom no longer makes her Rocky Road Brownies anymore (you can't go wrong with chocolate, walnuts, marshmallows, and chocolate butter cream).  Since she no longer makes them, they're off the table.  Out of the race.  I now only have a wonderful, nostalgic series of childhood memories that contain Pecan Sandies, RR Brownies, and Sesame Shortbread. Brownie.  Just the right amount of chips.  Just the right amount of pecans (microscopic, if you're reading this Melissa M).  I was asked (by one of the owners, I believe), if I was going to eat it now or later.  I was candidly honest, and told her I'd be driving and eating.  Against *my* better judgement, she nuked it to get it to it's apparent optimum temperature, otherwise I was told to let it sit out for a while. Pillowy, gooey chocolate barely held together by its thin choco brownie crust and scant nuts and melty chips.  Pillowy, but dense.  It seemed like there was oil involved, but you know, didn't matter.  It was pretty awesome. Oh, they also sell wine and pre-made deli food.  Sandwiches and there's a chocolate candy counter with a section of sugar-free chocolates off to the side.  Everything looked fantastic.  There was a section with British-Indian canned curries and other British food.  Cookies.  Candies.  They even had a refrigerator/freezer full of meat pies and tamales.   I got lost a couple of times in a meandering maze of gifts that ranged from lotions and potions to jewelry trays to wine stoppers to Halloween decorations.  I almost got some pleasantly fragrant herbal tea (loose, but not bulk).  Then I hit the fancy kitchen gadgetware.  The "Zyliss" section, I like to call it.  And there it was, I'd found it.  The perfect-sized salt pig.  I think it's supposed to be personal use sized, but it's perfect for the exceptionally low sodium lover in me. Seriously, if you're on a brownie or deli circuit, you should make this one of your blue-starred stops.  Definitely one of the better food gift shops in town.  If you're concerned that you too will have to eat while driving, no, they have tables in front of the deli.  I just like to eat while driving.  Everything is fat-free, sugar free, and won't affect my recent health malaise when I eat while driving.  (That is a bald-faced lie, but it makes life more interesting - ever eaten a gelato while driving?) *There's a tangential conversation here, but I'm leaving that out.

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